meet ned

Quiet and sensitive, Ned explores the world with natural curiosity and a spark of mischief. 

The Skeleton Clique is his family, and music is his life.


fun facts 

  • stands at 5’8 in height and over 8′ around
  • communicates exclusively through body language
  • easily entertained but will cause trouble when bored
  • rivals with Ganglesaur, the band’s tour mascot
  • loves swimming but is overly picky about it
  • extremely sensitive to change
  • can be shy at first but is loyal once he trusts you
  • loves art and creativity with a fiery passion
  • hates being called a gremlin

the #nedlives project

The idea hatched shortly after the Chlorine music video’s release in January 2019. It took about six months to prepare, first looking into copyright licensing before planning the costume’s design and ordering materials.

Ned took another six months to construct. My goal was to keep the design true to the character’s unique proportions, without sacrificing mobility. Every pattern was custom-made by hand. He was finished in late December 2019, but I went back and edited him mid-2020 to improve appearance and performance. 

I am trying to bring Ned to life to the best of my abilities, through short video sketches, dancing, parodies, and photoshoots.

Someday, I hope to take Ned to a show, venue permitting.

People are what make performance mean something, and I thank everyone who has supported me and made it all worth it.